cAPE contributes to the personal and professional development of scholars, students, and professionals from the entire Asia-pacific region by providing a wide range of seminars, workshops and study programs to meet the demand for professional development in their respective fields.

Through CAPE's programs, Americans also have an opportunity to acquire a better understanding of contemporary Asian cultures, to become familiar with the diversity of languages and their related cultures in the Asia-Pacific region, and generally, to be better prepared for cross-cultural encounters of either a personal or professional nature.

Workshops & Forums

1. Annual Forum - Global Studies

2. Asia-Pacific Studies Forum - "ASIA TODAY" Series

3. Nursing / Health Care Forum

4. Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English

5. CAPE Leadership Program

6. Workshop for Elementary English Teachers

English Language Programs

1. The International Program for College Students

2. English language Program

3. English / Cultural Studies Program

4. Program for Middle / High School Students

5. Program for College Nursing Students

6. Program for College Students in English Education


1. Language & Culture Seminars

2. Leadership / Management Training Seminar