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Registration Form

1) Online Registration

To register for the"Asia Today" Series, you may either:

  1. Copy the registration form below into an email and send it to us at cape@cape.edu.
        Personal Information

        Prefix (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.):
        Name (Last, First, Middle):
        Gender (Male/Female):
        Home Address:
        Zip (Postal) code:
        Home Phone Number:
        Cell Phone Number:

        Present Position and Business Address:
        Business Phone Number:

        I would like to attend:
                    May 6, 2017
                    May 20, 2017
                    May 27, 2017
  2. Download the PDF version of this form here which can be filled out on your computer and sent to cape@cape.edu as an attachment.

2) Registration by Mail

You may print, fill out, and return this form to

The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange
P.O. Box 23397
Honolulu, Hawaii 96823-3397, U.S.A.

3) Payment Information

Fees are waived for all Hawaii residents.