The International Program for College Students
Program Overview


While studying English at CAPE with participants from other Asian and Pacific Island nations, students have a chance not only to learn in an American context, but also to learn about other cultures. CAPE's langauge classrooms are a living laboratory where students from a wide variety of countries meet and become friends. Students will learn skills of cross cultural mediation which will serve them well in their future endeavors.

  Learning Environment

Students will live and study in Hawaii, the premier global gateway between Asia and the rest of the world. The beauty and diversity of the Hawaiian Islands is captured in the Aloha Spirit that permeates throughout the land and the people. Unparalleled with any other destination in the world, Hawaii will be the students’ “living classroom” as they explore the unique island culture and all it has to offer.

Classes are held at the world-renowned University of Hawaii, where CAPE students will have access to University of Hawaii’s extensive library collection and state-of-the-art computer rooms.

  Program Components

Students will achieve the program objectives through all of the following: