The English/Cultural Studies Program is designed to meet the needs of adults from Asian countries who wish to develop both English language and interpersonal skills required for cooperative interchanges between people of different cultures in this era of increasing globalization. The program seeks to prepare participants to be global citizens in the 21st century by broadening their personal and career horizons through international living and cross-cultural activities specifically designed to develop their English language competency and communication skills, deepen their understanding and friendly relations among people of different cultures, and engage them in envisioning the roles global citizens will be called upon to play.

The English/Cultural Studies Program has two main strands: (I) English Language Skills Development, which emphasizes the development of listening and speaking skills through simulation of social and professional situations likely to be encountered in Hawai`i, and (II) Introduction to Cross-Cultural Practices and Globalization Issues, which provides an orientation to contemporary American culture as well as to the concept of global citizen and the qualities that will be required for full participation and leadership in a globalized society.

Instructional sessions are held Monday-Friday and meet for four hours each day. Additional special presentations and activities are organized to complement the instructional program, providing opportunities for participants to interact with local residents, to make site visits to businesses and institutions related to their professional interests, and to explore places of historical, cultural and educational significance.