Nursing / Health Care Forum
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CAPE sponsors a variety of multifaceted nursing programs, attracting administrators, teaching faculty, researchers, directors of nursing, and head nurses from post-secondary institutions and hospitals from throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Participants are provided a unique opportunity to learn about current trends and developments in various areas of nursing and related aspects of health care, including Hospice, Home Care, Eldercare, Family Therapy, and Nursing Service Management. An additional workshop is designed specifically for college nursing students.

Each of these programs combines specialized training with on-site visitations and observations at health care facilities, providing opportunities for developing and practicing new techniques as well as cross-cultural communication skills.

Since 1987, CAPE has hosted over 900 nurse educators, nurses and nursing students from Canada, Thailand, Japan and Korea in its various health care programs. Upon their return home, many former participants have made remarkable contributions to the development of new programs in their academic and professional fields, in part through the application of knowledge gained at CAPE workshops.