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Language and Culture Seminars familiarize participants with the social and business language, customs, and etiquette appropriate for effective interaction with residents of various Asian countries. Presentations are highly participatory, engaging the audience in situational simulation, feedback, and discussion. Each seminar features the languages and cultures of selected Asian and Pacific countries and emphasize (1) understanding the country and its people, (2) basic language background, (3) characteristics of personal relations, and (4) social customs. Seminar faculty include distinguished professors from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.

Culture Component

The cultural sessions introduce the audience to individual countries through topics which include: (1) the country and its people, (2) human relations; (3) social customs and etiquette, (4) the role of gift giving and reciprocity; (5) cross-cultural encounters.

Included in the cultural sketches are helpful suggestions for the prospective visitor concerning significant historical places, amenities of daily life and transportation conditions.

Language Component

The language sessions are divided into two parts:

Basic Linguistic Background, in which the presenter gives an overview of the sociohistorical development of the relevant language with respect to its syntax, phonology and vocabulary. Socio-cultural connections regarding the formation and evolution of each language are discussed.

Practical Language for Basic Social Encounters, in which the presenter demonstrates practical communicative skills, i.e., greetings and farewells; making introductions; requesting/providing information; asking for directions and locations; shopping, dining and use of local currency; making appointments. Appropriate nonverbal communication skills are also presented.