Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English

Teaching Writing Skills
by Sandra McKay

A study of the stages and operations of the writing process in the light of current research, with discussion of class organization, prewriting techniques, the act of composing, and the crucial postwriting phase, involving revising, editing, preparing final copy, and using reader response and criticism.

Motivating Foreign Language Learners
by Richard W. Schmidt

This workshop session reviews current theories and findings regarding motivation and second language learning, with a special focus on what teachers can do to more strongly motivate their students.

Teaching Listening Speaking Skills
by Richard W. Schmidt

Surveys the techniques and activities for teaching conversation and listening comprehension, with an examination of recently published materials. Lesson planning and effective classroom management are emphasized.

EFL Methodology: Teaching EFL Skills
by Richard W. Schmidt

Surveys the relationship between theory and practice in methodology. Methodology will be seen as an independent system involving three basic levels: Approach, Design, and Procedure.

Psycho-Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching
by Richard W. Schmidt

Focuses on the nature of language; language, thought, culture and society; language acquisition; implications for language teaching.

Resources for EFL Teachers: Finding Texts, Research, Materials, Keypals, and Others
by Graham Crookes

Many excellent materials and much good advice, not to mention the results of useful research, exist in print. The problem is, how can teachers find them and get hold of them? This session orients the EF/SL teacher or teacher educator to such resources and tools for finding out about them.

Teaching English Reading Skills
by Graham Crookes

Examines the current issues in teaching English reading skills and surveys the materials available for ESL/EFL reading. Classroom teaching techniques will be demonstrated with participants as students. Participants will be assisted in developing their own materials for teaching reading, with an opportunity to try them out on other participants.

Testing & Evaluation in EFL
by Graham Crookes

Discuss principles of testing English as a Foreign Language along with available testing materials for evaluating proficiency in reading, writing, oral production and listening comprehension of English as a foreign language.

Extensive Reading: Helping Students to Become EFL Readers
by Richard Day

EFL reading instruction is generally a difficult and painful experience for many EFL learners. This workshop introduces the participants to extensive reading, an approach to teaching EFL reading that allows students to have exciting meaningful experiences that motivate them to read even outside thier EFL classes and, at the same time, prepare them for acedemic reading.

Micro Teaching

These are practically-oriented sessions which will help English teachers become more effective in helping students learn English as a foreign language. Micro-teaching activities include the following: (1) Challenging language learning experiences, allowing teachers to undergo language learning experiences similar to those experienced by their students; (2) Modeling of communicative English teaching by expert teachers; (3) Discussions and presentations on topics related to English teaching methodology; and (4) preparation and presentation of sample lessons by seminar participants

  • Teaching listening comprehension: how to stimulate students to listen actively
  • Types of listening comprehension activities
  • Principles of designing listening comprehension activities
  • Stages of listening tasks
  • Teaching oral fluency: how to teach communicative competence
  • Types of communication activities to practice speaking
  • Developing learner-centered topics which engage students in real communication
  • Approaches to teaching reading: setting goals for different types of reading activities
  • Challenges in the teaching of EFL writing: giving students useful and useable feedback

Special Sessions

  1. Adapting textbooks to a curriculum emphasizing communicative skills
  2. Special presentations on participant-generated issues related to English teaching