Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English

1. Overview

2. Specifics


The workshop will consist of 60 intensive hours of instruction and hands-on trainings. You will also devote 20 hours to observe American classrooms. In addition to the total of 80 hours, you will also engage in various assigned activities to explore America in Hawaii in a meaningful way.





English as a Foreign Language: Theory and Practice

Classroom Research
Testing & Evaluation
Extensive Reading
Task-Based Language Teaching
Corpus-Based Language Teaching
Language and Culture


EFL Methodology


Instruction of Spoken English



Hands-on Training

Teaching Reading Skills

English Through English

Teaching Casual Conversations

Teaching Listening & Speaking Skills Teaching Writing Skills



Professional Teacher Skill Development

Intro to Hawaii

American Culture

EFL Resources

Using Technology for EFL

Developing Comprehension Questions for Reading

Skill Development

Micro Teaching



U.S. Classroom Observation

School Visits

Classroom Observation

Interaction with American Colleagues



Cross-cultural Experience and Exploration

Fieldwork in Real American Settings

Exploration of Various Destinations in Hawaii

Experiencing Life in Hawaii






Curriculum Specifics

  1. English as a Foreign Language: Lectures on Theory and Practice (20 hours)
    1. Classroom Research for Language Teachers: Current Findings (2 hours)
    2. Testing & Evaluation in EFL (2 hours)
    3. Extensive Reading: Helping Students to Become EFL Readers (2 hours)
    4. Task-Based Language Teaching (2 hours)
    5. Corpus-Based Language Teaching (2 hours)
    6. Language, Culture, and ESL (2 hours)
    7. Psycho-Sociolinguistics & Language Teaching (2 hours)
    8. EFL Methodology: Teaching EFL Skills (2 hours)
    9. Motivating Foreign Language Learners (2 hours)
    10. Telling a Good Story and Other Approaches to the Instruction of Spoken English (2 hours)
  2. Hands-on Training Sessions (10 hours)
    1. Teaching English Reading Skills (2 hours)
    2. Teaching English Through English (2 hours)
    3. Teaching Casual Conversation (2 hours)
    4. Teaching Listening & Speaking Skills (2 hours)
    5. Teaching Writing Skills (2 hours)
  3. Professional Teacher Skill Development Sessions (30 hours)
    1. Introduction to Hawaii (2 hours)
    2. American Culture (4 hours)
    3. Resources for EFL Specialists (2 hours)
    4. Using Computer and the Internet to Teach EFL (2 hours)
    5. Developing Comprehension Questions for Reading (2 hours)
    6. Skill Development Sessions (8 hours)
    7. Micro Teaching (10 hours)
  4. School Visit: U.S. Classroom Observation (20 hours)
    1. Classroom Observation & Interaction with American Elementary, Middle and High Schools
    2. Schools assigned for Observational Training in the past include:
      1. Lunalilo Elementary School
      2. Central Middle School
      3. Dole Middle School
      4. Puuhale Elementary School
      5. Washington Middle School
      6. Honolulu Waldorf School
  5. Cross-cultural Experience and Exploration: Life in Honolulu, Hawaii (20+ hours)

Learning Model

CAPE’s PDTEFL program is an intensive professional development program with a rich complex of several key elements: