Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English

For language professionals like you, work is a matter of passion. As a full-time language professional, you eat, sleep, and breathe your challenges of teaching English as a foreign language long after everyone else has gone home. Yet, as essential as passion is for success, sometimes it can get in the way. Constant and intense focus on being a teacher of English of excellence leaves little time to learn about the latest resources, techniques, and solutions. Chances are, you sometimes would like to be able to turn to an expert for advice or an opportunity to be exposed to the latest trends, research findings, and theories in the field of language teaching.

CAPE’s Workshop for Teachers of English (WTE) Program provides an opportunity for you to step back, seek the advice of second language acquisition experts, learn new frameworks and tools to pursue opportunities and overcome problems, and talk with your peers. WTE is a four-week Intensive Teacher Training program. At the end of the program, you will not only become exposed to the latest developments in the theory and practice of TEFL, but also build a network with leading experts in the field of Second Language Studies.

At CAPE, you will expand your knowledge in the dynamic, interactive classes led by the world-renowned faculty of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa’s Department of Second Language Studies. You will gain valuable new insights from the reality-based case studies and teaching practices, as well as hands-on training and close observation of American classrooms. The concept of the program is simple, and the impact is far-reaching: Gather a group of dynamic language teachers…create a learning environment that generates ideas and fuels their passions…and something powerful will happen.