Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English

The most influential and effective language teachers know that the learning process never stops, but it is tough to find the time to teach and engage in professional development at the same time. You look for answers as you seek excellence in your teaching career, but to whom can you turn? CAPE’s WTE offers an intensive, four-week learning process with one goal: to make you a more effective language teacher.

The primary objective of CAPE’s WTE program is to inform teachers of English of the latest developments in the theory and practice of TEFL, and to incorporate communicative methods in classroom language teaching to develop students’ oral language skills. You will also be given hands-on experience through classroom observations and professional development sessions, demonstrations, and presentations.

CAPE’s WTE program is structured purposefully in three layers to maximize the value of your educational experience, while minimizing your time away from your own classroom:

Layer 1: The Learning Environment

You will live in Honolulu, Hawaii, the global crossroads between Asia and the rest of the world. Hawaii will be your “living classroom” as you study and explore its unparalleled blend of international cultures and extraordinary beauty, and discover new horizons of possibilities for the future.

Layer 2: Language Pedagogy and Second Language Studies

You will learn about the latest developments in the theory and practice of foreign language education from some of the field’s leading research scholars and practitioners.

Layer 3: Real World Practices

You will have opportunities to observe first-hand American ESL classrooms, and to participate in micro-teaching demonstrations.