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Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English
Workshop Registration Form

1) Online Registration

To register for the Workshop for Asian-Pacific Teachers of English you may either:

  1. Copy the registration form below into an email and send it to us at cape@cape.edu.
        Personal Information
        Prefix (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.):
        Name (Last, First, Middle):
        Gender (Male/Female):
        Home Address:
        Zip (Postal) code:
        Home Phone Number:
        Cell Phone Number:

        Present Position and Business Address:
        Business Phone Number:

        Hotel Reservation
        Check-in Date (MM/DD/YY):
        Check-out Date (MM/DD/YY):

        Pagoda Hotel (per person per night): Please Choose One
          • Double Occupancy without Kitchenette ($70.00)
          • Single Occupancy without Kitchenette ($140.00)
          • Double Occupancy with Kitchenette ($75.50)
          • Single Occupancy with Kitchenette ($151.00)

        I/We will make individual arrangements other than Pagoda.
        Name of Hotel:
        Check-in Date (MM/DD/YY):
        Check-out Date (MM/DD/YY):
  2. You may also download the PDF version of this form here which can be filled out on your computer and sent to cape@cape.edu as an attachment.

2) Registration by Mail

You may print, fill out, and return this form along with payment to

The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange,
P.O. Box 23397,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96823-3397, U.S.A.

3) Payment Information

Funds may be paid to CAPE in U.S. Dollars by any of the following methods: cashier's check, international money order, international postal money order, wire transfer, or credit card.
      Credit Card - by PHONE only
        Call +1-808-942-8553 to provide us with your credit card information.
        Preferred time to call: 8:00 am - 5:00 PM (Hawaii Standard Time)
      Wire Transfer
        We will provide you with the information only when you ask us for wire
        transfer information.
      International Money Order/Cashier's Check
        Payable to: the Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange
        Send to: The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange, P.O. Box 23397,
        Honolulu, Hawaii 96823-3397

The completed registration form and the $400.00 tuition & registration fee should be sent to the Center no later than June 20, 2017. For more information on Tuition/Registration fees for participants, click here. Tuition fee ($300.00) will be fully refundable if cancelled before July 1, 2017.

For information and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Center. (Tel 808-942-8553 or cape@cape.edu)